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T.A.X. TEAM Security Company!
Address: 1092 Budapest, Erkel str. 6.
Trade register nr.:
Cg.: 01-09-927115
Duty nr:
Statistic nr.:
Police authority:
Municipal authority nr.:
NI prime nr.: 1293311
TEÁOR nr.: 7460


István Petricsevics

Our company has been remodelled in 2003.The dynamic development is warranted by well trained staff with big work experiences.

In addition other guarantees:

  • The basic of our legisative provision is ensured by the 133. law since 2005.
  • The T.A.X. team Security Company use the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2005 quality control system and the MSZ EN ISO 140001:2005 Certification of Environmental management systems. For that reason we can guarantee an economic, effective functioning on a high level for our partners
  • We have got 50.000.000 Hungarian Forint professional liability insurance at Allianz Hungária Insurance Company

  • At the suit of our partners-that is based on correct contracts-we work out such safety systems that they organically fit in the function of the object and make an organic unit with it and do not embarasse the workmanship but give the suitable help in the work and give the optimal security.
  • We make the complex measuring, the continuous checking and we guarantee the expansions all the time.
  • One more BONUS: We give our concrete bid after a payfree security sparks!!!
  • To act on our topical procurer, our guiding principal is PREVENTION!!!